Green Line Jasper & African Opal Bracelet


Bracelet made with high-quality 8mm Green Line Jasper and White African Opal beads. 

Green Line Jasper is exceptional at calming and healing the emotional system. It can help bring to light thought patterns that are not helpful and give you the courage to move through them.

White African Opal speaks to the calmness and purity in each of us. This stone is said to awaken mental capacities such as creativity, inspiration, imagination, and even memory facilitators. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed this stone to be a luck-bringing energy, which provides insight into what you are missing or seeking. Wearing this beautiful stone may allow a limitless stream of inspiration to run through you daily, as well as illuminate inspiration upon others.

  • 8mm genuine Green Line Jasper and White African Opal beads
  • zinc alloy (lead and nickel free) metal bead
  • strong elastic cord

To determine the size needed for the bracelet, measure around the wrist and then add 1/2". For reference, an average women's bracelet would be about 7".