XL Stunning Pink Amethyst Slab with Green Jasper Inclusions | Approx. 5 LBS | Rare | Crystal | Crystals


This XL Pink Amethyst Slab with Green Jasper inclusions is approximately 9 1/2 inches in length by 10 inches wide and a depth of approximately 1 inch. It weighs approximately 5 pounds. Stand included.

Pink Amethyst is known to instill feelings of understanding, calmness and trust. It is a protective stone that enables emotional balance and overall peace. This particular Pink Amethyst Slab also incorporates Green Jasper, adding another level of healing element to it. Green Jasper, also a protective stone, brings with it the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings and vitality.  

Pink Amethyst helps balance and unlock the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Green Jasper is especially attuned to the Heart Chakra.

You will receive the exact Pink Amethyst Slab in the photos and video.  


**Please note that, due to variations amongst computer monitors and phone screens, actual color may vary slightly from what appears on your screen.